Twice Exceptional 

In the world of gifted students there is a segment of the population called Twice as Exceptional or 2e. These are students who have a high IQ and a disability.

The key concept to help understand 2e learners is asynchrony.

They are “all over the place” in terms of grade level ability or age appropriate development.

 - 6th grader who reads at the 12th grade level,
 - has the fine-motor handwriting of a 1st grader,
- writes papers like a 3rd grader,
 - understands maths concepts at an 9th grade level, 
- calculates math facts at a 4th grade level,
 - can hold remarkably deep conversations with

- has temper tantrums like a 3 year old.

The developmental levels of 2e children are NOT “in sync”. The discrepancies between “potential” and “output” causes many problems.

The high number of combinations makes it difficult to pinpoint a single way to identify gifted children with disabilities. Identification is also complicated by behavioral problems, poor self- concepts, misdiagnosis and underachievement.

The twice-exceptional learner can experience extreme frustration, low self-esteem and social isolation which can lead to more conflict, misunderstandings, and failure in school.

Due to our experience of working with many gifted individuals and children with learning differences we are well placed to identify children who are 2e.