Over Excitabilities

If your child is…  

Always overstressed, over-reacts behaviourally or emotionally, easily distracted or getting bored

Problematic in school and at home

Suggested by teacher that they may have ADHD. Yet, your child shows capabilities in…

- Learning

- Mathematics and science

- Creativity

- Leadership

- Motivation and attitude to learning

The problem might due to: giftedness, emotional sensitivity and overexcitabilities

Some gifted children with overexcitability have a high emotional reactivity, energy level and high arousal of the central nervous system.

Five areas of overexcitability had been identified (Dabrowski, 1972)

• Psychomotor

• Sensual

• Intellectual

• Imaginational

• Emotional

Gifted children tend to experience the world with more intensity and this can lead to great successes, innovations, and wonderful creativity but it can also be very frustrating for a child and a parent. 

At ChiLD we will identify any OE using the The Overexcitability Questionnaire -Two (OEQII).