Global Advocates

Globalisation means that families are moving around the world, educating their children in various school systems.   To find like-minded services and educators is important to families who are on the move with children who have Learning Differences.  The ChiLD Team is a global team with experience in education systems around the world.  Working with advocates of children with Learning Differences is important to us too.  Here you will find practitioners and advocates who we have collaborated with during our professional lives who would be more than happy to connect with you in their home countries.

Our Global Advocates

Supporting children with Learning Differences around the world

Technology has allowed us to stay connected, no matter where we are in the world.   We can use our resources to elevate the educational dialogue by engaging with expert practitioners and researchers around the world to support our global community of learners.  In this section, you will find the names and contacts of colleagues we have worked with during the last 25 years who are passionate about neurodiversity and learning.  Whether it is learning differences, language theory, educational research or school-level leadership and governance - these professional colleagues around the world share in supporting the 'Team Around Your Child'.   After all, "it takes a whole village to raise a child" 

Senior Consultant Osborne Cawkwell

Sarah is a specialist in Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties and is passionate about bridging the gap between the guidance and support a student receives from an Educational Psychologist and/or SENCo and the practical work a tutor does with the student.  She does this by providing support and advice to parents on Special Educational Needs (SEN) and delivers tutor training and ongoing guidance in study skills and SEN-related topics. 

Department of Teaching and Learning Policy and Leadership, University of Maryland

You haven't met anyone as passionate about translanguaging as Rachel!  As a Chinese and American national, Rachel's insight to cross-culture pedagogy is rich. 

Lijuan (Rachel) Shi is a PhD student in Applied Linguistics and Language Education at the University of Maryland. Her research interests include codeswitching, translanguaging pedagogy, holistic bilingualism, and heritage language learner motivations. Currently, she is investigating translanguaging practices in a co-teaching and concurrent English and Chinese dual-language program.

Sarah Juta

Dual Language and Early Years Specialist

Sarah is a long-time educator whose background in Applied Linguistics and Curriculum Design have informed her practice as a dual language specialist and a person who is so passionate about language acquisition in young children.  She is meticulous in her approach to young learner's language learning, listening to every word with care and diligence.

Family & School Consultant/Counselor Co-founder of Parenting &School LAB 101 Global Educational Influencer-CY

Alicia is passionate about the positive wellbeing of children and their families.  She has worked in the education space for the last 20 years in different countries and with many families.  She always brings her infectious enthusiasm to all her work and has much guidance to give along with a pocketful of strategies! 

Silvia Natale

Mindfulness Instructor

Silvia Natale is a Mindfulness Instructor  (Teacher Training I) with 15 years of experience in Education. Silvia is committed to bringing mindful training to both parents and teachers, fostering a harmonious and empowering approach to the child.  Mindfulness practice is transformative. It is shown to nurture a positive, non-reactive and creative relationship with the child; to increase parents' and teachers' wellbeing and improve behavior management. For students, the potential benefits are in improved attention, working memory and emotional regulation. Silvia is currently living in Hong Kong with her husband and two children.

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