Dyslexia is a word of Greek origin:

dys:  difficulty 

lexis: words or language

ia:  a condition, a state of

Dyslexia is a learning difference that is characterised by problems processing words into meaningful information, and particularly shows when learning to read.  It can be characterised by difficulties with accurate and/or  fluent word recognition and also by limited spelling and decoding abilities.  Typically, phonological awareness, memory and processing lie at the heart of these challenges.  Often, these challenges are unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities.  Due to these difficulties, Dyslexic learners may struggle with reading comprehension and reduced reading experience, which can impact vocabulary development and background knowledge.  However, learners with Dyslexia may also show strengths in creativity due to strong visual and reasoning abilities.

Dyslexia is believed to be neurobiological in origin and research indicates it may be hereditary.

Have you noticed that your child finds learning to read a very effortful task?  Does your child avoid reading?  Does your child struggle to hold onto information?  When you contact ChiLD, we will send you an Intake Form asking you some general questions about your child.  We will then contact you for a consultation and at this time we will send you some screening questionnaires. During this consultation you will have the opportunity to tell us about you, your family and your child.   As we advocate the ‘Team Around the Child’ approach, we will ask your child’s teachers to complete the questionnaires in addition to you.

Depending on the outcome of the screening questionnaires and the information gathered in the Intake Form, we will carry out further assessments exploring underlying ability, attainment and/or other specific areas of concern.   Following the assessment,  ChiLD will write a comprehensive report and ask you to meet to review the findings before arranging  a ‘Team Around Your Child’ meeting (online or face to face) which might include the class teacher, or other specialists working with your child.