Training For Schools and Organisations

As educators, we recognise the importance of working in partnership with schools and families in order to best serve the needs of our community.   Our goal at ChiLD is to build a ‘Team Around the Child’ which includes not only educational assessments of children with learning differences and partnerships with parents but also professional learning with schools.

As the research literature continually reminds us, the greatest influence on learning is quality teaching.  Therefore, investing in teachers’ pedagogical expertise matters.  Research demonstrates the power of the teacher-researcher relationship, where a professional, collaborative and dialogic partnership is built between teachers and teacher-researchers.  It is this approach that we advocate - to work alongside teachers, shining a pedagogical spotlight not only on what they do but how and why they do it.  We follow a research-driven and evidence-based approach and work with school teams to decide upon and implement the most effective way forward.  Collaborative approaches may include but are not exclusive to:

  • Collaborative lesson planning

  • Co-teaching/ modelling

  • Teacher-Researcher approaches e.g. Action research; Case study; Lesson Study

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Instructional Coaching

  • Workshop and Seminar

  • Evaluating and Designing Learning Spaces

While we advocate the ‘working alongside’ approach,  we also appreciate that schools may prefer professional workshops for larger groups; for example, introducing a new area of professional learning, or specific training needs.

At ChiLD, our expertise spans across the Early Years to Tertiary education in the private, international and local sectors.

The most important source of professional practice is the resources of other teachers.  According to Distinguished Professor, Sir John Loughran of Monash University,  he proposes the 7 to 1 rule - for every 1 workshop, there should be 7 days of deep practice, which provides opportunities for collaboration and dialogue.  This principle underlies our philosophy at ChiLD. 

Teaching and learning is a complex and sophisticated business.   At ChiLD, we feel passionate about building the capacity of teachers and leaders, working alongside them as they navigate the complexities of the classroom and schools, with the ultimate goal of serving our community of learners.

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