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As parents of children with learning differences, we know the importance of connecting with others and empowering ourselves with knowledge.  At ChiLD, we provide consultations, mindfulness parenting strategies and guidance through the sharing of experience, knowledge, and know-how.  We help to connect you with a network of practitioners whose specialisms can help you navigate the ongoing provision for your child.

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Brain Teaser


Understanding the many facets of ADHD can be a challenge for any parent. This workshop discusses the DSM diagnosis looking at elements of the disorder including cognitive control, self-regulation and executive functioning. We will aslo identify causes and treatments as well as provide you with some helpful tips and tricks.

Missing Piece


Autism refers to a spectrum of difficulties typically characterised by social, behavioural and communication deficits. Autism is on a spectrum due to the many different combinations of genetic and environmental influences and this will result in every child with Autism having a distinct set of challenges and strengths. This workshop will address the current thinking of causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments available.

Light Bulb Poster

Gifted and Talented

This workshop helps parents identify the typical characteristics of gifted children highlighting the many different definitions of gifted and models of intelligence. The workshop will also address affective skills that gifted children sometimes struggle with, particularly social and emotional development.

Complete Giraffe Puzzle

Specific Learning Disorders

Specific learning disorders (SLD) have a direct impact on academic performance. This workshop identifies the new diagnosis criteria of SLD identifying dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia. What they are and how to identify them.

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