Assessment Process and Fees

Get in touch

The ChiLD Team can be contacted through the 'Get in Touch' button on the website


Get to know your child

The ChiLD Team will share links with you to complete an Intake Form and initial screening questionnaires


Get to know the assessment route

The ChiLD Team will decide the best assessment route and arrange to speak to you


Get to work with you and your child

The ChiLD Team will carry out assessment at home or at school depending on what suits your child


Get to know the findings

The ChiLD Team will write a comprehensive report and recommendations document and send it to you


Get together for the Team Around Your Child

The ChiLD Team will give you the option to meet as a team with you, your child (if appropriate), your child's teacher and ourselves to discuss the best way forward to support your child


Fee Structure

The full Psycho-educational Assessment Process includes the above points and typically starts

at $20,000 HKD. Individual assessments and re-assessments can be catered for, please contact us for individual support and costings. 


We have provided Individual Ability Profiles for children with and without learning differences. This helps to create a detailed picture of how a child learns- what their strengths and areas of weakness are. From this parents, tutors, teachers and the child themselves can learn about how they learn. This has been of huge benefit to those involved in a child's education.