Access Arrangements

Do you feel that your child is at a disadvantage when sitting an exam or a test in school?  Does he/she struggle to get ideas on paper in the time given, or need rest breaks in order to stay on task?  Does your child need assistive technology to help produce work on paper?  If yes, then it is important to ensure that your child is given an equal playing field to his/her peers to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding, by applying for Exam Access Arrangements (EAA).  These are the reasonable adjustments that are given to children who are eligible and meet the criteria for EAA.   There are different arrangements available such as, ‘extra time’, ‘a reader’, ‘ scribe’, ‘modified papers’, ‘assistive technology’, ‘separate room’ and ‘rest breaks’ depending on the specific details of the child’s needs.

If you have concerns that your child is at a substantial disadvantage to others, when it comes to particular skills, then ChiLD can help by assessing your child in order to demonstrate that he/she has a significant and long-term impairment e.g. below average speed of writing, reading, comprehension and/or processing, which impacts their rate of working.  ChiLD works with your child’s teachers and support team, in gathering evidence to show that it reflects your child’s normal way of working in the classroom.

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